Database of cities and districts with GPS coordinates

Cities and districts in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Database of Czech and Slovak cities and districts with GPS coordinates and number of inhabitants.


SQL, CSV or other upon request.

Price and payment details:

Number of cities in DB
Price/CZK Price/EUR
Czech Republic
6 250 6.000 245
Slovakia 2 887
4.000 163

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Structure of DB tables:

štruktúra tabuliek databázy

DB data sample:


"town_id", "town_name", "district_id", "region_id", "residents", "latitude", "longitude"
1, "Bratislava", 1, 1, 431061, 48.15, 17.116667
2, "Košice", 2, 2, 233880, 48.716667, 21.25
3, "Prešov", 3, 3, 91193, 49, 21.25


"district_id", "district_name", "region_id"
1, "Bratislava I", 1
2, "Košice II", 2
3, "Prešov", 3


"region_id", "region_name", "country"
1, "Bratislavský", "sk"
2, "Košický", "sk"
3, "Prešovský", "sk"


We are providing support for integration of DB into your software solution, or creation of complex SQL queries for calculation of distance between GPS coordinates or cities in database.

Database of cities from other countries

We are able to prepare similar database for other countries upon request, at a negotiable price.